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The first step is to select a piece of clipart that you like and would be useable as a carving stencil. What we will do is remove any pieces that we don't want in the stencil. These instructions are for the graphic above and will vary depending on the image you choose, but the idea will be the same. All black areas are those that will be cut out of the pumpkin, while everything in white will stay.


First open the image or piece of clipart in your favorite paint program. If the image isn't already in RGB mode convert it to RGB mode. This will allow you to re-scale the image later with better definition.

temp1-1.jpg (12818 bytes)

Using the paint bucket tool, dump the color white into areas that will not be cut out of the pumpkin.

temp1-2.jpg (9833 bytes)

Fill in any area that make a break between the inside and outside of the template.

temp1-3.jpg (10262 bytes)

Using the appropriate color (white or black), remove any part of the image that you don't want.

temp1-4.jpg (9980 bytes)

Crop off the excess border leaving about an inch or so. Set the paint programs measurement type to inches instead of pixels and resize the graphic to a size that will fit on the selected pumpkin.

temp1-5.jpg (9055 bytes)


Now you can print the stencil from your printer. If you need the stencil to be larger that what your printer can print, you can take it to a copy shop and enlarge it. Carefully trim of the excess paper leaving a half inch border.


template-02.jpg (14841 bytes)

Your custom stencil is now ready to be attached to the pumpkin you've selected for it.



Pumpkin Patterns

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