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Pumpkin Carving Patterns

pumpkin carving designs PUMPKIN CARVING HISTORY
Learn the history of Pumpkin Carving and Jack O' Lanterns

pumpkin carving designs CHOOSING YOUR PUMPKINS
How to select the right pumpkins for your Halloween festivities

pumpkin carving designs PUMPKIN CARVING TOOLS
Pumpkin carving tools to carve your Jack O' Lanterns

pumpkin carving designs CARVING WITH STENCILS
How we carve pumpkin masterpieces using stencils

pumpkin carving designs LIFE-SPAN OF A PUMPKIN
How to extend the life-span of your Halloween Jack O' Lanterns

pumpkin carving designs PHOTOGRAPHING
How to photograph your carved pumpkins for Halloween posterity

pumpkin carving designs PUMPKIN BURIAL TRADITION
Lay your post Halloween pumpkins to rest with love and dignity

pumpkin carving designs YOUR OWN PUMPKIN PATCH
Grow your own pumpkins for Halloween

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Be sure to visit these great Halloween websites!

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Candles and Holders
Candles have been the age old method of illuminating Jack O' Lanterns since, well, forever. Regular Votive candles, placed in clear glass candle holders like the one shown to the right, are safer, brighter and will last a lot longer than exposed candles. This size candle is suitable for medium to large pumpkins. For small candles you may want to use the small tea-light candles. Votive candles and clear glass candle holders are available at most department, hardware and art stores. If you use candles to light your pumpkins, or for any other Halloween activity, remember, to never leave a lit candle unsupervised. Never use a lit candle in an artificial pumpkin.

Pumpkin Lights - A New Way To Illuminate Your Pumpkins
Click Here!Over the years we've seen several different battery powered units meant to illuminate your Jack O' Lantern's instead of using candles. Unfortunately, none of the ones that we've tried have done a very good job or brought anything new to the fine art of pumpkin display, until now!

The "Artificial Candle Pumpkin Light" flickers just like a real candle with its three super bright yellow LED Light Bulbs. If you want the traditional looks of a flickering candle, but not the hazzard of a real flame, these lights are for you!

They also have the "Amazing Rainbow Pumpkin Light". They added a really cool special effect where the light emitted changes between seven different colors, making for a very colorful Jack O' Lantern.

While old-style battery operated lights simply flashed on and off and didn't seem to last more than a couple of hours, these lights will run over 72 Hours on one set of AAA batteries, or they can be powered by an optional AC adapter. This light is suitable for any size pumpkin it will fit in. We highly you try them out for yourself. Pumpkin Lights are available exclusively from PumpkinLight.com

Glow Sticks
Another option for illuminating your Jack O' Lantern is to use one or more glow sticks placed inside the pumpkin. This can actually produce an eerie effect. While this is probably the safest way to light a Jack O' Lantern, most of the glow sticks you find for sale in stores are not very bright. There are high intensity glow sticks, but they don't produce light as long and are expensive. If you do use this method you'll want to place your Jack O' Lantern in a very dark area, so that you can see the light being emitted from the glow stick.

Safe Pumpkin Light - Pumpkin Masters
While well made, the Safe Pumpkin Light from Pumpkin Masters is a bit of a disappointment. Even though the light they produce is bright enough, these lights simply blink on and off at a steady rate. No flickering or way to adjust the speed, just blink on, blink off. Installing one of these in a pumpkin requires you to press the base of the unit into the flesh at the bottom of the pumpkin. Also, if you use any artificial pumpkins, these don't work very well, as you can't press them into the bottom. They are battery operated, so are a safe way to light your Jack O' Lantern.

Every home should have one of these!Halloween Safety
Never, ever, use an AC powered device to light your Jack O' Lantern. Its just to dangerous, particularly with some many safe lighting options available. Remember, any fire, no matter how small or protected has the potential for becoming a large and potentially disastrous one. Fire safety should always be the number one priority. Never leave a lit candle unsupervised. Never leave children unattended with a lit pumpkin, candles or other source of fire.

Have one or more fire extinguishers readily available and see that everyone in your household knows how to use them. Make sure your home has plenty of smoke detectors, that they are properly installed and they all have fresh batteries.


Pumpkin Patterns

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