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How we carve pumpkin masterpieces using stencils

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Various methods to light your Jack O' Lanterns on Halloween

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How to extend the life-span of your Halloween Jack O' Lanterns

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How to photograph your carved pumpkins for Halloween posterity

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Lay your post Halloween pumpkins to rest with love and dignity

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Tools of the TradeTo carve a good Jack-O-Lantern, you need the right tools for the job! They have to be sharp enough, flexible, thin and sturdy.

Over the years we've collected, experimented with, altered or made a number of tools suited for our pumpkin carving tool kit.

Most of what you will need you may already have in your kitchen or can be purchased in the kitchen section at your local department store. The basics are listed below and generally won't cost you more that $25.00

Carving ToolsWe use a long, thin bladed boning knife to cut the top hole and any large pieces out of the face of the pumpkin. We took a small paring knife to the grinder to make a very thin bladed knife for detail work. Knife Sharpening WandKnives work best when sharp, and are actually safer because they require less force to make the necessary cuts. We sharpen our knives before and often during our pumpkin carving. Be sure to follow the instruction that come with the sharpening stone.

Tools for transferring and cutting out paper stencil patterns.

Carving ToolsCutting Saw: This tool is essential for carving fine, detailed areas, but can be used for carving the entire Jack-O-Lantern. We like to use an X-Acto knife (No. 5 Knife Handle) with the keyhole saw (No. 15)

Poker Tool: This is used to transfer your designs onto the face of the pumpkin. An ice pick or nail can be used for this. An artist's Stylus tool makes a great Poker Tool and can be found at most craft and art supply stores.

Grease Pencils
If you are going to carve your pumpkins freehand, using a grease pencil to pre-mark the shapes to be cut is a great way to make sure you get what you cut. They are available at most department stores or at arts and craft stores.

Patterns: Called pumpkin carving patterns, stencils or templates, you can make these on your computer, download pre-made ones off the Internet or buy them during the Halloween season in booklets.

Gutting ToolsGutting Spoons: We use several different types and sizes of spoons for removing the seeds, pulp and skin from the inside of the pumpkin. An ice-cream scoop and a large metal ladle work great to scrap the inside of the pumpkin to remove the guts.

Utensils like the ones on the right are inexpensive and can be found at most department stores in their kitchen section. We've picked some up at our local dollar store for much less than other stores carry them. Shop around!

ToolboxTool Box: Something to keep all of your pumpkin carving tools in insures that they stay together and you can find them when the time comes. Toolboxes can be found at hardware and department stores. Our toolbox, pictured to the right, is large enough to hold all of our tools, templates and candles. It only cost ten dollars and best of all, it's orange!

Take care of your tools...Tool Care: If you take good care of your carving tools they'll last a very long time, if not a lifetime.

Always clean your tools after you use them, and then store them all together for the next Halloween. Care should be taken not to bend knife blades or carving saw blades. Carving blades are very thin and sometimes brittle, and can be particularly subject to breaking.

Pumpkin Patterns

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